Community-Based Initiatives

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The chance to make a difference continues after school hours. Providing a safe place for students to go where they can foster new relationships and build self-confidence can play a key role in helping them cope with incidents of bullying.

"Because it takes a village..."

9 in 10 students who participated in an after school program reported feeling safe (Arbreton)

Research shows that afterschool programs keep kids safe, have a positive impact on self-concept and decision making, and help improve behavior in school (afterschool alliance).

Despite school-based antibullying policies and initiatives, it is also integral for community partners to provide programs for students to attend outside of school. Community engagement can play a pivotal role in both prevention and intervention of bullying behavior. Afterschool programs, team sports, clubs, and other outside of school activities can improve social behaviors among peers as well as serve as another avenue for bully victims to seek additional support.

Community Impact:

1. Afterschool offers a flexible space for one-on-one mentoring without the potential limitations imposed by school calendars or a stringent focus on academics.

2. Mentoring and innovative afterschool programs can have positive effects in social interaction among students in middle school.

3. Afterschool programs help promote a sense of community among students.

4. Programs can facilitate the growth and development of strong networks of friends, which will carry on throughout each portion of a student’s life.

5. Encourage pro-social behavior, cultivate empathy, improve self-esteem, and promote a positive attitude and self-confidence.

6. High levels of social support may substantially reduce suicidal ideation caused by peer victimization. (Rigby)

7. After school programs and programs offered during the summer increase the chance for kids to develop healthy behaviors and learn how to deal with bullies.

Become a Champion For Bullyingprooing.

Safe Space:

Our Champions of Bullyproofing are local affiliates who are more than willing to provide a Safe Space for kids who experience bullying. Their goal is to help foster growth and a positive attitude about self, increase self-confidence, build character, form relationships, and increase physical and mental health. Whether it is through martial arts, fitness gyms, or community centers, Bullyproofing's goal is to give your child as much support as they need in order to learn how to emotionally and effectively deal with the issue of bullying. The better we can prepare them to deal with those emotions early in their adolescent years, the higher the likelihood they will adjust into social environments as teenagers and young adults. This starts with awareness from you, collaborations with schools and support from the community.

Here is a list of our current Safe Place locations:

1. Carlson Gracie

2. Fighting Arts Academy (FAA)

3. TopSpin

4. Boys & Girls Club Stamford

5. Estevez Muay Thai

6. Greenwich BJJ

7. Next Generation Muay Thai

8. Fit 4 Fun All

9. Norwalk PAL Boxing

10. RF Youth Boxing

11. Stamford Boxing and Fitness

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