Gabrielle Taye.jpg

8-year-old killed himself after being bullied

Posted: Dec. 4, 2019 by: wcpo staff

8-year-old Gabrielle Taye ended his life following a bullying-related incident that occured in the bathroom of his elementary school. Gabrielle, seen on video surveillane laying lifeless on the floor after the attack, went home later that day and hung himself. 

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Bullies beat down 12-year-old with special needs

Posted: oct.23, 2019 by: Carlos garcia

12-year-old Rayden Overbay from Yunkon, Ok. is Autistic and deals with ADD, ODD, and ADHD. Rayden faced relentless bullying captured on a student's camera phone, which  has gained much attention after the video went viral.

Channing Smith.jpg

A 16-year old completes suicide following Cyberbullying incident

Posted: oct.1, 2019 by: Tim fitzsimmons 

Channing Smith, 16 junior at Coffee County High School (TN) , died by suicide after continued online harassment and Cyberbullying about his sexual orientation. A classmate outed Channing and shared explicit text messages he exchanged with another boy.

Delia Watson.jpg

New Mexico girl posted about bullies before suicide

Posted: Feb. 7, 2019 by: Jackie salo

Delia Watson was just 11-years-old  when she took her life. Following continued online taunting and feeling rejected by her classmates, Delia took to social media and complained about the bullying before her "untimely death."

Bart Palosz.jpg

15-year-old Greenwich teen bullied before suicide

Posted: Sep.4, 2013 by: Brian vitagliano

After the first day back to his sophomore year, 15-year-old Bart Palosz shot and killed himself in his residence. Bart, a Polish immigrant, was described by many as a "giant sweetheart." Bart sustained years of bullying and torment due to his size and Polish accent.